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On this home page, we'll introduce Final Fantasy in the test.

Final Fantasy is one celebrates series of RPG for video game, produced for the Square Enix (old Square Co., Ltd.). The series already had diverse games, for portable and consoles, a MMORPG, a game for cellular, three animês and two films in CG.

The first game of the series estreou in Japan in 1987, being launched 3 years later in the Ocidente. The series already was launched for NES, Game Boy/GBA, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and PC. Future games are marked for Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 3, 360 Xbox and Nintendo Wii.

In general terms, the games of the series are ambientados in worlds of fancy, mesclados repletos of magic and medieval elements with futurística technology. The diverse episodes of the series do not possess many connections between itself in what it says respect to the plot, with exception of End Fantasy X and its X-2 continuation, but diverse elements, as crystals, chocobos, the system of battle, some item and the sonorous track of Nobuo Uematsu are recurrent. Many consider Fantasy End the more important series of games of the history of the video games. In the Ocidente, Fantasy End found as the series of RPG of the SEGA, Phantasy Star competing. Entretando, the rival greater if finds in the series Dragon Quest, of the Enix (today, the same Square Enix of FF), very popular in Japan.

Here we have display a picture of Final Fantasy X:

Final fantasy X
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