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Final Fantasy XIII is an upcoming console role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix Co., Ltd. It is slated to be the first numbered Final Fantasy game for the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console. Unveiled at Eł 2006, the game features a futuristic, high-tech world. Only two characters have been revealed thus far: a woman, with the code name Lightning, who wields a new weapon which seems to function as a sword and a firearm; and an unnamed, giant man who is her ally. Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 director Motomu Toriyama returns as the director of the game. According to Square Enix President Yoichi Wada, the storyline will focus on "those who resist the world.".


From the footage shown at Eł, battles in the game appear to be in real-time, similar to Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII, but without the coloured target arcs linking player to target. Square Enix has also confirmed that the game will feature real-time battles.

In a developer interview, Toriyama stated that the E3 Trailer shows what is known as the 'Gravity Bomb', known as the spell 'Gravity' in previous games. Presumably, it refers to the electrical energy field that surrounds the young woman shown in the trailer. She can use it to defy gravity or to attack enemies.

In the upper right-hand corner of the battle screen, a circle-shaped gauge is visible. Once the number inside this circle and other conditions have been met, the protagonist can enter a so-called Overclock status. This status has a slow-motion effect, slowing down everyone but the player. It has been suggested that this Overclock system would replace the traditional limit break system found in previous Final Fantasy games. Overclock seems to resemble the Trance mode in Final Fantasy IX. Once Overclock is activated a number appears inside the meter and decreases, probably signifying the duration of the Overclock mode.

Summons were also revealed in Jump Festa, shown as part Mecha and are featured not only for battle support, as Toriyama states, "The treatment of summons beasts has changed quite a bit," he said, "The fact that the players can summon will not change, but what happens after that will be something totally different." The example he pointed to was Shiva and her transformation into a motorcycle. Toriyama hinted that Lightning may ride Shiva in battle.

Although the main focus of Final Fantasy XIII will be offline, producer Yoshinori Kitase has stated in the developer interview that players will also be able to take advantage of special online features

Battle system

Toriyama comments on Final Fantasy XIII's battle system, "Final Fantasy XIII took on the challenge of seeing how much of the battles in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children can be recreated in a game. The battles that were impossible to be presented in current Final Fantasy games were shown in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. In reverse, Final Fantasy XIII will show how much of that can be represented in the game."[4] Toshiro Tsuchida, creator of the Front Mission franchise and, previously, the battle director of Final Fantasy X, will return as the battle system director for the game. He has reaffirmed that random encounters will not return, whilst suggesting individual enemies may be given personalities.


The first confirmed main character is a young woman featured in the Eł trailer. Jump Festa 2007 confirmed her name as "Lightning", though Famitsu magazine states that this is a codename that she will probably use for parts of the game. In a recent interview with Toriyama, he said the character only calls herself Lightning to keep her true name a secret. He went on to say that the reason will be revealed in the plot.[8] Character designer Tetsuya Nomura describes her as "not very feminine", and says that he was asked to create a "female version of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII" when designing her.[9]Very little information is known out about her yet but Square Enix has revealed that the two yellow stripes on Lightning's left shoulder symbolize her rank and social status.

In Geemaga, it is confirmed by Toriyama that the story is not about a group of people banding together to save the world, but there will be party battles.

Jump Festa 2007 also confirmed the presence of a second character, a blond, bandanna-wearing male who rides a motorcycle and uses a gun to come to Lightning's aid when she is outnumbered by soldiers. Some fans dub this character "Mr. 33 cm" for the time being, for it has been noted to be his shoe size as released recently by Square Enix. Toriyama also confirmed that the blond male and Lightning are supposed to have a unique relationship. He has also been described by the staff as cowboy-like.

Through Geemaga, it confirmed that he is wild and heroic but there isn't really a sense of him being an ally or enemy of Lightning. He has also been confirmed to have a funny way of fighting.