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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII stories

Final Fantasy stories
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Final Fantasy VII stories
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Final Fantasy VII


The End Fantasy VII started to be developed when the Square abandoned the Nintendo and started to develop games with Sony. According to Square, the reason of the change had to the limitations that the Cartridge caused (strong investment of the Nintendo at the time).

It was the first game of the Final series Fantasy to be developed for PlayStation, and later also launched for PC. The first one also of the series with graphs generated in 3D, renderizados personages and scenes daily pay-renderizados.

The versions for PlayStation had been produced in the North America, Europe and Australia for Sony Computer Entertainment, and the version for PC in U.S.A. for the Eidos Interactive. The versions for playstation in the North America sufficiently had been criticized, had to the grammatical errors. To keep allegiance to the game, the proper Square was who translated it (of Japanese for English). The version for PC had diverse corrected errors.

This new enterprise of the Square in little time turned fever in the world all; it vendeu 9,7 million copies, beating the record of vendas of the series and stimulating venda of PlayStation consoles.


The game starts with our hero Cloud Strife, together with the leader of the group AVALANCHE (Barret Wallace) destroying the reactor of Mako energy nº 5 of the ShinRa company Incorporation. This Mako energy, also known as Lifestream, is the vital energy of the planet. Without this energy it would finish all the forms of existing lives. A brief summary of the history of Cloud:

Cloud liveed in Nibelheim but he was excluded for the other children… always tried to make friendships, but Tifa and its amiguinhos did not bind very. Until one day the mother of the Tifa came to falecer. A legend in the city existed of that it was possible if to reencontrar with deceased in a certain locality in Monte Nibel. Tifa and its colleagues start its walked in direction to the mountain, and Cloud following they. But one to the one, started to only give up and to return for the city, thus remaining Tifa and Cloud. When trying to cross one of the bridges, the same one if breaches and the two finish falling of a very great height, Cloud happily obtain to leave unharmed, but Tifa finishes being in eats per 3 weeks. As much the father of the Tifa how much the other adults had blamed Cloud for the happened one, therefore found that who was it took the Tifa for that place. When he recovers the conscience and he discovers that exactly without having friendship the Cloud always went to visit it, decided to give a possibility for the friendship of the boy. At this time it was finishing a war between the ShinRa and the city of Wutai and in it Sephiroth left as hero war. Cloud promised for that it would enter for the SOLDIER and if ídolo would become so famous how much its. Tifa in turn makes Cloud to promise that as soon as to be well famous it would go to return for the city and it would go to save whenever it was in danger, without choices only accepted it the promise.

During its day against the ShinRa Incorporation, Cloud finds some new friends/allies, as:

Tifa Lockhart - friend of infancy of Cloud that is helping Barret to finish with the ShinRa Incorporation in Midgar; Aeris Gainborough - (known as Aerith in the Japanese version of the game) a salesman of flowers who has the power to hear the voice of the planet, since she is the last survivor of the Ancients (one old race that colonized the planet); Red XIII - or Nanaki, is a species of lion with a fire tail. It protected its native city (Cosmo Canyon) until dr. Hojo the capture to make experiments; Yuffie Kisaragi - a young ninja that it tries to get the biggest number of substances to try to exempt its country of the claws of the ShinRa Incorporation and to again transform it into the power that was (to invéz of one resourt); Cid Highwind - former-pilot of the ShinRa Incorporation almost had its carried through dream when the company decided to initiate a space race, but after the first imperfection of launching the project was abandoned. As much Cid how much the other laborers had been forgotten by the company and had finished forming a city in return it old rocket (Rocket Town); Cait Sith - a together cat that says to foresee the future and that if to the group to know until where its forecasts they are correct (it puts into motion on of one moogle robot); Vincent Valentine - former-member of the Turks (the elite of the ShinRa Incorporation) that dr finished being used as guineapig of experiments it. Hojo. With this, Vincent if became immortal and obtains to changed itself into crossbows to finish with its enemies. Drake Smith - foreseen in End Fantasy VII - The Last Heir, director of the Tsviets project (Dirge of Cerberus). The USA as weapons a sword (Anetheron) and one sets hybrid sword-gun (Swordgun).

But the ShinRa Incorporation is not the only threat that the planet suffers, Sephiroth (optimum soldier of the ShinRa Inc., that all believed to be dead) appears for Cloud and its friends with the intention to invoke the greater and more destructive existing magic to destroy the planet, the MeteorBLack.


Final Fantasy VII